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Digital cable color problems

I figured out how to setup digital cable on my htpc by reading this forum, so
thanks for everyone's help!  Before I had no problems with the colors of my tv
tuner card.  Now that I am running the digital cable through, the whites are way
to white and the dark scenes are hard to see.  I have played around with the TV
settings but it doesn't seem to help too much.  Plus I would have to change
these settings back every time I wanted to play my Wii.  Any ideas?  I have a
NVTV tuner card using k-lite mega codec pack with Comcast digital cable.  I have
a Monster THX s-video cable.  Thanks in advance!!

Re: Digital cable color problems

I have a program called "MCEVideoProcAmpGUI" that lets me change intensity,
hue, brightness, sharpness and contrast.  It is two parts really.  One part
boots up with the system and the "graphical user interface" lets you adjust
those controls while Media Center is running in a Window.   Results are
stored in the registry.

hope you can find it.  Does exactly what you want.

br. patrick

<Jerald McCarty> wrote in message
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Re: Vista Media Center IR Blaster

That must be the problem.  No emitters here.  The receiver doesn't have any
place to plug an emitter into though.  Does this mean I'm SOL with this
particular remote

I sincerely thank you for your timely assistance posting the info about the

"Jaime" wrote:

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Re: Vista Media Center IR Blaster

On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 20:42:00 -0800, VB Newbie

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The emitter aka IR bug is on the end of a thin piece of wire. One end has a 1/8"
jack that plugs
into the IR receiver that plugs into the USB port on your PC. The other end
sticks over the IR
receiver on your Set Top Box.


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