Problem with TV tuners in MCE 2005 after system crash

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Win XP MCE 2005 was working perfectly up until a week and a half ago. One
evening the Media Center PC blue-screened. On rebooting I had the choice to
restart Windows normally, in safe mode (with various options) and to try the
last known good state. I tried a normal restart initially - the computer
booted and ultimately blue-screened again. Tried the various safe modes -
same problem. Tried booting to last known good condition. Same problem.
Figured the problem was one of the RAM sticks (I had 3GB installed).
Eventually found the faulty RAM and replaced it. Rebooted the computer - was
told that (i) Windows had recovered from a serious error [duh!] (ii) that the
registry had to be restored from a previous copy. So far so good. Rebooted
again - no messages. Ran Media Center and it started up. Attempted to view
Live TV - got a message saying that there were no TV tuners (in fact there
are two HDTV tuners) or that the driver was not installed or that there was a
problem. Went to Device Manager, checked the devices - Windows reported that
they were working correctly. Removed the tuners, rebooted the PC, ran MC and
no errors (obviously no TV). Put one tuner in, rebooted, ran MCE, went to
Live TV and I got a picture! Reinstalled second tuner, rebooted, ran MCE,
went to Live TV and still had a picture. Tried recording one channel,
watching another and then replaying recording that I'd made - all worked!

Then I went to the Guide and noticed that one of the channels was not
showing any data. We're used to issues with the EPG in Australia, so I
thought that I'd just reassign the channel to the appropriate Guide entry. I
went to Settings, TV - and then I got a message saying that there were no TV
tuners installed or that the drivers were not working! However, MCE is still
happily playing Live TV and recorded TV.

Since I need to correct the Guide, I need to resolve the problem. I have ALL
Windows/MCE updates installed. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks, Paul

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