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My WMCE computer turned its self off ! I turned off all power and started it
all up again but the only thing that works is the fans and the light tha
blinks when the computer is doing something (not sure what its called). The
monitor dont come on, the drives dont spin, I hear nothing working at all. I
did have a extra power supply so I installed it and everything is working
now. I was curious as to what happened to the power suppy so I hunted and
found the testing directions, I tested it and now the problem is that I can
not find how far off the numbers can be. The +3.3 reads +3.34-+3.35, +5 reads
+5.1-+5.33, the -5 reads -4.78, the -12 reads -11.88 and the +12 reads +12.22
Can anyone tell me if this power unit is toast or was it possible just a
loss wire that got fixed when I replaced the unit ?
I know this might all sound minor but I turned wrenches when I was still
working, all this electron stuff is FM to me !   (FM = Fricking Magic)

Re: power supply question

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Of topic for this newgroup.

I was in Electronic repair for 30 years.

General rule for voltage is +/- 10%.
10% of 3.3 volts is 0.33 Volts plus or minus.
So the voltage can be 2.97 volts to 3.63 volts and still be in range.

Power supplies need to be tested under full load, so if you measured the
voltage without any load, you have not proven anything. The fact it does not
work in the computer anymore is proof enough.

Not magic, just electronic theory.


Re: power supply question

Your question is not related to Windows Media Center functionality which is
what this group discusses, xp.hardware would be a more on topic group.
However, there is no way we can tell what the problem is. You replaced the
PSU and it now works, problem solved.


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