PLEASE HELP!! Can't do System Restore!

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A number of things going wrong--here's a FEW:
1) When Selecting "System Restore" a Blank Window opens up--But only after
selecting it twice...nothing happens the first time.
2) Same thing when I try to Search for a file
3) Unable to login to websites (Like our Bank or Microsoft)--says we have a
"Scripting" setting problem--but have verified that is all correct.
4) Can't connect to links on web pages, in emails and such.
5) Unable to view movie clips (wmv.) attached to emails -But CAN receive &
6) Unable to print email or from a web page---CAN print from Word doc or
publishing program.
1) Changed internet provider from Dial-Up to Cable 2-3 weeks ago.
2) Purchased and installed a WebCam 1+ weeks ago.---We could see our friends,
   but they could Not see us.
3) Uninstalled and Reinstalled web cam, checked everything....same result.
4) So Did a SYSTEM RESTORE...but accidently picked a date prior to internet
provider change.  No icons appeared on our desktop.
5) Did an UNDO-RESTORE...icons reappeared, but left us where we are
now....unable to do the things listed above.
***PLEASE HELP!!  Our only option left is to take it to a local "computer
guy", who wants us to back everything up of importance to us and bring it to
him.  He's gonna wipe everything out...and do what?  I have no idea!  THANK

Re: PLEASE HELP!! Can't do System Restore!

You are posting in a newsgroup that is dedicated to Media Center.
You probably should repost in the appropriate Vista or XP general
group for starters.

1. You don't specify what version of Windows or IE
2. You don't specify when these problems with Internet
Explorer/Email specifically started. Did things work after you went
to cable? Who is your cable provider? Did you use their installation
CD? Did things break after that? Did this break after you went to
cable or after you installed the web cam?
3. concentrate on solving the Internet issue and getting IE and Mail
working again before dealing with the web cam at all. if you do a
restore to a point before the web came do things work? if not, if
you do a restore to a time before you ran the cable install CD, do
things work?

Again, you should post again in the appropriate newsgroup and be
sure to answer the above questions completely.

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009 11:04:01 -0700, MissMarcie

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Barb Bowman

Re: PLEASE HELP!! Can't do System Restore!

As suggested by Barb that you should post in the appropriate newsgroup
to get proper assistance, only I can suggest that the following  site is
dedicated exclusively to System Restore:- /


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