How reset Vista Media Center tuner(s), channels, scheduled recordi

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I've installed a new dual-tuner card and removed the old one (New Hauppauge
WinTV PVR 1600, old Hauppauge PVR 150). I'd already gone back-and forth
between the NTSC and the ASTC tuners a few times and had set up channels and
guides with scheduled recordings for each, a few times. Of course, when I did
this I didn't know then that it would be a problem.
Now I get recording conflicts and some shows that do record won't play.
How do I reset the tuners, channels, and scheduled recordings? Can I just
reboot in safe mode and delete the whole ehome folder and start over? Or is
there more to it (registry stuff?)?
Or is there a tool available for Vista Media Center (I've seen one for MCE

I've attempted to rerun setup, cancel out of it, restart media center,
re-run setup - with no joy.


Re: How reset Vista Media Center tuner(s), channels, scheduled rec

Thanks for the replies Curious, but I'm confused.
You write that there's no need to have an analog and digital tuner. You also
write that I need to use a spliter to connect both the analog and the digital
tuner. I switched back and forth between the tuners once; but I just want to
only use the digital tuner now.
VMC is pretty confused about sheduled recordings because I've switched back
and forth between tuners in the past.
I just want to clear out all of the tuner, channel and scheduled recordings
info that VMC had perviously and start over with a clean setup.
How can this be accomplished?

Also, is there a tool for resetting vista media center completely to its
defaults? I've only seen the one for MCE 2005.

Thanks again,

Re: How reset Vista Media Center tuner(so), channels, scheduled rec

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I was  trying to point out that unless you want to receive any low powered
analog broadcasters that there is no need to connect both tuners.  However
if you do want to connect both tuners then you need to use a splitter.
I don't know how to reset MC to all of its defaults. You might try
uninstalling the tuner and rebooting and trying to configure MC TV and then
shutdown and reinstall the tuner reboot and try to configure again and see
if it will let you use new settings. Also you need to delete all recordings
from MC.

Re: How reset Vista Media Center tuner(so), channels, scheduled re

Thanks for the help.
So I backed up the eHome folder, deleted the relevant listings and
recordings .xml files and their .bak files, and moved all of the previously
recorded tv files out of Recorded TV folder to somewhere else. Then re-ran
Media Center setup and canceled out of it. Restarted PC. Then re-ran Media
Center setup. Then moved the old recorded tv files back to the Recorded TV
No more conflicts.
Problem solved.

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