Guide download keeps stopping

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I've had a guide download problem for 3-4 weeks now - I wondered if anyone
can help?

The guide downloads every day, for 3-4 days and then it stops. It shows it
is still downloading, reports that the guide is up to date and schedules the
next one for a day's time. If I try to do it manually, it says it is up to
date, doesn't download it - and the guide stays as it is.

There are no errors in the event log, or displayed on the screen. It just
says the guide is up to date.

The only way I can get it to start downlaoding again is to delete/rename the
EPG folder and download afresh. This works, and keeps working for 3-4 days,
but then stops again.

I've done everything in Aaron's blog  - . This includes:-

1. Making sure the clock is synchronised correctly
2. Saying I'm not using the guide, rebooting and then setting it up to use
the guide
3. Stopping the EHshed process, renaming the EPG folder and then setting it
up again. ( I have done the repeatedly, and also tried doing the same but
renaming Ehome)
4. Using the MCE Repair ( ) and
MCEreset applications ( ) , and setting
up again.
5. Re-registering the guide DLL

I'm using MCE 2005, with DVB-T in the UK, and the guide for Heathfield. This
has worked fine for a couple of years and started giving me problems 3-4
weeks ago.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Re: Guide download keeps stopping

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 04:09:00 -0700, Eric Baines

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I am sorry but you have already run through everything that I could think of
except re-installing MCE 2005 which will probably fix your problem but may be
too drastic for you. You could set up a batch script to delete the EPG
directory & all the sub-directories every few days & just let the automatic
guide download process re-create the directory.


Nigel Barker
Live from the sunny Cote d'Azur

Re: Guide download keeps stopping

Thansk for the reply.

Last time I deleted the EPG folder and redownloaded, it still stopped at
about 10 days. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the EPG being
provided for Heathfield?

"Nigel Barker" wrote:

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