Writing IpTables rules with the ROPE scripting language

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The P2Pwall project has released the latest version of it's ROPE add-in
module for iptables.

ROPE allows the writing the packet-match rules in a scripting language
that is executed in an iptables chain, in the kernel.

Scripts bundled with the software include logic to identify..
. Gnutella
. Bittorrent
. eDonkey 2000 [new]
. Large HTTP transfers

Work is in progress on logic for..
. Kademlia / Kad
. OpenNAP
. Direct Connect
. Fasttrack (Kazaa etc)
. Gnutella2 (Mike's Protocol)

The project's "ftwall" module is not ROPE-based, but adds blocking of
Kazaa and clones, WinMX and OpenNAP (for WinMX). A port to Rope/IPSet is

The ROPE home page is at

The ftwall home page is at

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