Working on a custom login interface

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I am using RH version 9 (I think) running Fedora Core 4 and using
GNOME.  I have written a python program that increases a timer
everytime a coin is deposited in a coin slot.  The timer is displayed
in a gui I wrote using Tkinter.  The gui also contains start and end

The program increments time fine when I use it from a logged in
account, but I want the gui to control account login and logout via the
start and end buttons.  I want the program to always be running from
machine bootup to shutdown and I want my programs gui to run instead of
the standard gnome login screen.  Any idea on the best way to
accomplish this?  Once logged in, the user will have a web browser as
the frontend of my kiosk.

I tried writing a bash init script (Im a newbie) to make my program a
daemon, but it didnt seem to work.  Before I spend time learning how to
write init scripts, I would like to know how x-people would solve my
problem.  Is spawning my gui as a daemon the best method?

Any help would be much appreciated
Cheers -Jon

Re: Working on a custom login interface

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you think?

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I dont know if your programm provides a system login or starts a brwoser
and locks the screen for all other options after login..
But what about this:

-dont load a gui, just try to start a http browser on a x-server (if

-in the file /etc/passwd you can specify which console to be started
after the login. Instead a console e.g. /bin/bash , you can specify a
programm imo.

- howto let your program start at systemstartup:

create a symbolic link o the program in your wanted runlevel.

example for runlvl3:

ln -s /path/to/program /etc/rc.d/r3.d/Sxxalias


Re: Working on a custom login interface

I think the best way to do what you want is to write a daemon that has
no gui. This daemon would increase one's time when coin is inserted and
when time > 0, would allow login..

Gui part would only be front-end to this daemon that shows the available
time and start button when there's no one logged and stop button when
there is.

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