Using "screen" to monitor user activity

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I had that that this could be been. What I would to do is launch screen from a
.bashrc script of a suspicious user.

the user would continue working as normal, and when they log out a log of
everything they did would be emailled to me.

This user logs in only when they need to check out an automated alarm, so i do
not know when they will be logging in.

Re: Using "screen" to monitor user activity

DC wrote:
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You'd probably have less pain using script(1) to do that.  'script
/path/to/file' will create a typescript of the user's activity in
'/path/to/file'.  You can also do fun stuff with timing data and
replaying scripts (useful if the user pops open anything full screen
like vim), check the man page.
echo izn@pwlvkqrw.nwv|tr zwvq aeto

Re: Using "screen" to monitor user activity

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ha yeah i like that timing thing.. real fun prank to play , i hope i remember it.

so im starting like this.
script -qa /tmp/$session
where $session is a unique name i made.

but if i "script -qa |mail ..."   then it doesn't work as expected.

the other idea was to have it do a script -qa /tmp/$session.
and then have the mail part in the logout script..

not sure whats the best way to do this... any ideas

OH btw, i found my favorite old friend.

when i user logs in have then run "screen -S my_session" (or somehow do it
really sneeky)

then you can log in and run

screen -x my_session


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