Under the radar

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The US Executive department has again chosen to make its most publicly
controversial actions known on a Friday night, after the news
organizations have finished their major weekly work.  For the benefit of
those who might not be familiar with the term, "under the radar" refers to
flying aircraft so very low to the ground (or sea) that they hide below
the curvature of the earth and behind any terrestrial obstructions that
could interfere with normal ground-based radar detection, for the purposes
of smuggling or covert military operations, etc.

With respect to the topic of this NG, there is no (emphasis *no*) security
to internet-connected systems while the "telecoms" and the US government
(need it be said "illegally"?) conspire, with the support of multiple
connected supercomputers, to vacuum all data transmissions, and while they
seek to stifle and evade (ignore) judicial and legislative oversight and
checks and balances. Google for what (Republican) United States Senator A.
Specter says about all this. Call your local newspapers and television
news services for more details. (_Please_ *do*.) On voting day, VOTE.  It
*could be* your last opportunity to express your choices.


"But I think that it is important to elevate the public consciousness of
what is going on here," Specter said.



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