Tripwire and /boot/grub/stage2

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Every once in a while I get a Tripwire notification that
/boot/grub/stage2's checksum has changed (FC5).  Nothing else
changes, including the Modify/Change times.

The system was rebooted nine days ago after installing some
Fedora updates.

I'm relatively sure this isn't a security problem but would
sure like to know what causes this.  A Google search turned
up only a couple of other posts from 2004, with no answers.

Any ideas?

  Modified Objects: 1

Modified object name:  /boot/grub/stage2

  Property:            Expected                    Observed
  -------------        -----------                 -----------
  Object Type          Regular File                Regular File
  Device Number        2304                        2304

  File Device Number   0                           0
  Inode Number         6031                        6031

  Mode                 -rw-r--r--                  -rw-r--r--
  Num Links            1                           1

  UID                  root (0)                    root (0)
  GID                  root (0)                    root (0)

  Size                 102332                      102332
  Modify Time          Tue 02 May 2006 05:42:43 AM CDT
                                                   Tue 02 May 2006
05:42:43 AM CDT
  Change Time          Tue 02 May 2006 06:12:39 AM CDT
                                                   Tue 02 May 2006
06:12:39 AM CDT
  Blocks               204                         204
* CRC32                Chy0op                      AGRHKc
* MD5                  DchmgrV6pVcd0YI5ULhXaY      BqyguREWtfM6k07+nUaL0O

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