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Ten free, and perhaps useful SysAdmin tools are
humbly offered to all Linux, Solaris (SPARC), and
Solaris x86 aficionados at

in the hope they may be a help, or at least mildly amusing.

No flash, no dazzle, no ads, no popups,
just SysAdmin tools... for free.

Re: ten free tools

AB wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

And what would be the purposes of the ten tools?  I didn't nmap it, but
presumably this would be by http:// ?  And why wouldn't you post the
address in a normal, human-readable domain name, to be resolved normally
via DNS ?

Of course, there will be no flash, no dazzle (?), no ads and no popups if
I were to check this out with a wget retrieval.  Hope you will forgive
that I didn't bother to do that, as this seems very time consuming for a
_risky_ and ill-defined purpose.

$ host domain name pointer

Give more info.

Re: ten free tools

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why so much fuss? In far less time than it took you to make your rant, any
wise admin if curious but cautious (or wishing to demonstrate the OP's
malicious intents), would use (as a normal user, of course) "lynx". Download an arbitrary tar file and examine its contents.

What you could then rant over (and very reasonably, I'll add) is the matter
of statically-linked executables that the OP implies should be run as
root -- an incredibly stupid thing to do. Nobody but the author knows the
"payload" of the executable, whether run as a normal user or as root.

Re: ten free tools

ynotssor wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So you and I both know ways to cautiously examine the content, if we are
curious enough.  But people do read here in efforts to learn more,
implying that some start with less than optimal knowledge.  And you may
have helped some, as I hope that I may have.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Exactly.  You have written a clear and succinct rationale and warning to
the possibly naive among the readers, which was my intention from the
start.  I regret that it came across to you as a rant, but I am glad that
you took the time to write back so clearly and so well in support of my
original purpose.  Thanks.

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