telnet session times out

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I'm connecting from a WinXP machine into a Linux Fedora Core 6 machine
via telnet.
After a while of inactivity the telnet times out.
Connecting via telnet is a requirement. I cannot use other connection
My questions:
1.    How could I tell if the connection is closed by the server (Fedora
Core 6) or by the client (WinXP)
2.    Where and how could I set the time out to infinite


Re: telnet session times out

On Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:09:05 -0700, Avi wrote:

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You need to look at the traffic to see what is being exchanged.
_Assuming_ that you have administrator rights to both machines, you can
install and run a sniffer to do that.  TCPDUMP is the one of choice for
Linux command execution, or Wireshark is a GUI with ports to most OS's.

I don't know how one would set a timeout to infinite, nor what legitimate
justification there might possibly be for that.  Most of the readers and
writers here have seen more malicious and disruptive behaviors than we
would have liked.  Setting a connection timeout to infinite seems
unnecessary and unfriendly, and will probably get you little sympathy.  It
could get you worse if you don't own both machines and your intentions are
less than honorable.

Re: telnet session times out

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This is often due to an "autologout" in your shell. Check your bash or
csh settings, besides checking the network possibilities.

And *slap in the head* whoever is making you use telnet, because using
an unencrypted and insecure protocol like that is just a bad idea when
good alternatives like SSH exist.

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