Strange files

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I try to write a tiny tool to check the filesystem for hidden files - I mean
files which can not be seen by ls (eg because of some rootkit hiding them).

White testing I found out something strange. I use debugfs to
view /dev/hda1, I list /home/zenek/.opera/cache4 directory and I see there
such files:
1246391  100600 (1)   1000   1000   419769  9-May-2005 06:48 opr02C51.pdf
Well, this is quite ok.

But I also see such files:
     0       0 (1)      0      0       0                   opr01VH4.gif

No creation time, size 0, owner 0... And ls can't see that files.

What are that files? Do you have any idea?

Piotr Sobolewski / /

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