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Hi all,
I have installed a firewall with slack 10,1, kernel 2.4.29, OpenSwan,
iptables 1.2.11. The problem is that after the machine works to a sure
point blocks completely,if i go in console i have the black screen and if
i pressing some key does nothing.The discks and the network don't work.

Only solution for replace machine is power off removing feeding.

Now how I can make in order to understand where the problem?


Re: Stop firewall

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If the machine seize completely it sounds more a problem in the
hardware than in the software. I suggest you start with some hardware
checking tool.


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Re: Stop firewall

check logs first, slackware is a really stable linux, as said before,
you should check your hardware.

there is a thing about openSwan that i don't remember, if you had to
recompile your kernel to make openswan work (IPSec often requires
special kernel settings and support) you should check that first, as a
vpn solution you should consider openVPN, it runs in user-space and
relies on SSL  instead of IPSec (which sucks and creates security
holes). Other thing really double-check /var/log/syslog;
/var/log/messages and dmesg output. also check logs for every service
running in your box...

when linux boxes freezes like that is almost always related to
defective hardware (loose cards, dirty contacts, etc, broken pieces,
blown capacitors, etc)

Good hunting!

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