SSHD rootkit heads up

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   SSHD rootkit in the wild
   Published: 2013-02-21,
   Last Updated: 2013-02-22 09:23:59 UTC

   There are a lot of discussions at the moment about a SSHD rootkit
   hitting mainly RPM based Linux distributions.
   Thanks to our reader unSpawn, we received a bunch of samples of the
   rootkit. The rootkit is actually a trojanized library that links with
   SSHD and does *a lot* of nasty things to the system.

I use mplayer for as much as possible. It is a gem. Unsurprisingly
Stallman is ANTI mplayer. And why? Because it allows you to plug in
closed source codecs. He's a tool.

Re: SSHD rootkit heads up

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Chris Ahlstrom wrote:

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Here are some more interesting information on that.

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Re: SSHD rootkit heads up

Lusotec wrote:
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Yup, maybe Linux is insecure by design?
Just repeat after me what has often been said in COLA:
"The OS can't be blamed"
"The user has to be blamed"
"There is NO Linux malware"
Are these claims still valid?. Lusrtec!

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Re: SSHD rootkit heads up

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   So that's why we're talking about rootkits here and not
malformed JPEG documents or bad websites...


   You're like Typhoid Mary over there trying to screech that someone
else is some sort of biohazard.

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Re: SSHD rootkit heads up

On 2/22/13 12:50 PM, in article slrnkifj0a.ldk.jedi@nomad.mishnet,

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The point is that if this were on Windows the "advocate" reaction would be
to blame the OS.  

Not that it should be ignored that the only two OSs with *major* malware
concerns are Windows and Android, *any* OS can get malware, even iOS, OS X,
and desktop Linux.  

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Proprietary software vulnerability causes rootkit injection

Verily I say unto thee that Lusotec spake thusly:
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From the available evidence it seems this security breach was cause by a
proprietary application called CPanel, a notoriously insecure Web
interface for configuring servers.

Yet another good reason to choose Free Software.

(Subject corrected.)

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