ssh vs. scp in custom PAM module

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- here my question again,
   this time with more background detail :)

- I implement a custom PAM lib

- two linux boxes A and B; B runs an Openssh server
- use case 1: ssh login from A to B
- use case 2: scp files from A to B

- in case of the ssh login I want to give the user an info text
   to read;  user has to confirm typing "yes";
   then, and only then, login is allowed

- the code works, but the side effect is to have to type "yes"
   also in case of the scp transfer; which is not wanted and not
   possible because of a bunch of automated scp based stuff

---> I have to distinguish inside my custom PAM code;
    tried  getenv("SSH_CLIENT") / getenv("SSH_TTY"),
   but both are "null" at the time I call my custom lib
   (latest inside the "auth" section of the config file)

?? any other idea what could be used to differntiate ??


Re: ssh vs. scp in custom PAM module

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Define "a custom PAM lib"

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Did you actually mean "a custom PAM module"?

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You can't - scp basically uses ssh (meaning the ssh program itself) as a
pipe to start and communicate with another scp instance on the server.
It's like running "ssh user@host ls": all sshd knows is that it should
run a certain command instead of opening a pty and forking a shell - and
it doesn't even figure *that* out until *after* authentication is

You can differentiate on pam_user if you use different users for the
automated transfers.  If permissions are an issue, use aliases - i.e.
users with the same UID as other users, like the classic BSD "toor"
user.  I would recommend implementing this as module options, so you can
specify which users or groups to include or exclude in pam.conf, instead
of hardcoding them.  If you're on a system that uses OpenPAM instead of
Linux-PAM, the openpam_get_option() function makes that very easy;
otherwise, you have to use getopt() or similar to process the argc /
argv you get from the stack.

Dag-Erling Smørgrav -

Re: ssh vs. scp in custom PAM module

Uwe Drekert wrote:
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One possibility (maybe) would be to run two sshd in different ports with
different configuration, one using PAM and the other not.

There is a SendEnv option but it probably does not work since the PAM module
runs during the authentication and at that stage the environment is not
setup yet.


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