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Just have a question about SSH connections.

I have a fedora box configured with IPTABLES and an entry to allow
SSH2 to pass through.

When I check my system logs I see that user X has connected
successfully on port 2256 via SSH2.

I thought that the user would connect via port 22 and not this port.

When I run an nmap localhost while i'm connected to the system via
ssh2 I do not see any other port, but the ports for the various apps I
have allowed to start.

Can somebody explain why my log would say they are connecting to
another port via the port for SSH2?  

Thanks for an explanation.

Re: SSH question

art wrote:
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The port at the server has to be 22, but the client can use
any suitable port (often called an ephemeral port). Did you
look at the client's port, instead of the server's port?

A TCP connection (which SSH runs on) is identified by the
four numbers: client port, client IP, server port and server IP.
If any of the four numbers changes, it's a different connection,
so it is possible to have several client connections running
on the same server port.


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio (at) iki fi

Re: SSH question

On Tue, 09 Aug 2005 15:40:24 GMT, Tauno Voipio

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Thank you very much for the explanation.  I did not look at the client
port.  I will do this.  


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