ssh-agent Warnings ???

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I've got two problems that might be related.

First, the more annoying problem, yesterday I started getting these
error messages as a group any time I open a new Xterm.

     * Warning: SSH_AUTH_SOCK in environment is invalid; ignoring it
    Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.
     * Error: Problem adding; giving up

It doesn't matter whether the xterm I open is on my local desktop, or on
a remote desktop being accessed via SSH.

The second problem is this warning appearing when I first login

The second problem has been with me for a while, and I didn't bother
digging into it yet as it wasn't causing any other troubles.

The first problem showed up when I had to exit my KDE session and kill
the X server because my trackball lost it's vertical movement ability.  I
thought I would have to clean the trackball, but simply restarting the X
server returned it to normal operation.  But, ever since I restarted the
X server I've been getting the warnings I list as my "first problem".

I did a little bit of digging on the web and found ssh-agent as
something maybe related.  I attended to making sure my rsa & dsa keys
for SSH are up to date.  They hadn't been updated since I changed
domains from to my new domain, which I won't mention due to
spamming email harvesters.

At this point I can't see anything wrong, other than the error messages.
Where else should I look folks?


P.S.:    Yes, I know I cross-posted, but to relevant groups, and I did
    set the followups header.  I hope that's all propper.

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Re: ssh-agent Warnings ???

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Sounds like ssh-agent is being started by your session - could be in
your pam settings (unlikely) in your .profile or in the X session
startup. The fact that it has been happenning since you had to kill
your Xserver makes me think that might be the culprit - KDE has an
annoying habit of restarting programs which were running the last time
you logged out.

Check ps to see if it is running and try to identify the PPID.



Re: ssh-agent Warnings ???

Kevin the Drummer wrote:
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As I alluded to in previous post, you need to run through your startup
scripts to get a clue on what is being done by what program.


Re: ssh-agent Warnings ???

Kevin the Drummer wrote:

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Yes, that is most certainly related to the ssh agent.

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That could have done more damage than helped as if you changed keys they are
now invalid for any remote hosts that might have been accessed with them.

Also, it isn't the keys, it's the agent.  'ssh-agent' always goes hand in
glove with 'ssh-add'.  The agent needs to authenticate each candidate key
with 'ssh-add'.

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My guess is that somewhere in your startup scripts, this or something like
it is being run: /

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Look through the startup scripts.  This is highly variable depending on your
OS / distribution and whatever customizations may be in place.  Typical
candidates include:



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