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Re: Shred option in the current Mandriva Linux OS a fake?

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:> If you're really concerned, test it yourself.  Make note of a file's
:> inode number and block numbers.  Shred the file, then immediately press
:> the computer's reset button.  Bring the system up in emergency recovery
:> mode, run debugfs, and see what can be recovered from those blocks.
:There is a better and cleaner way, that wouldn't potentially destroy
:more data than needed.  Create a hard-link of the file you want to test
:it on with the '-l' option to 'cp', like this:
:  cp -l sourcefile destfile
:Then test it on either file.  After that file is removed, the other one
:still exists.  If it still contains plain-text, then it hasn't been
:shredded.  Otherwise it has.

All that tells you is that the buffer cache in the kernel has received
the overwrite data.  It says absolutely nothing about whether any of
those buffers have been flushed out to the disk drive or whether the
drive has actually written that data to the medium.

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