serial port permissions changing

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I've got FC4 installed on my laptop here with a user "bagel."  Bagel
cannot access the serial port after a reboot.

I su -, and chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS0, then go back to bagel, and all is
wonderful.  Bagel can get to his serial port.

Then I reboot, and the permissions I set are reset to crw-rw----, and
my user "bagel" cannot access the serial port again.

How do I make these permissions persist so "bagel" can get to his
serial port without chmod'ding all the time?  I thought it might be
SELinux, so I disabled that....  This computer is not on any network,
so I am not concerned about security.

Thank you in advance.

Re: serial port permissions changing

Nevermind.  Added "Bagel" to the same group as the serial port (I think
I chown'd the ttyS0) and it works.  Now I've seem to lost my root
password.... pitiful.

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