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I am trying to setup a Selinux machine as a server to capture all the
logs from the AIX machines, but it doesn't capture any syslogs in
selinux machine or logs from any aix machine. If anyone knows how to
solve this problem.


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Precisely what do you mean by "I am trying ..."

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ranjithno1 wrote:

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YANM="your assignment, not mine"

AIX, SELinux and Linux are all *nix, but may be substantially different.

AIX originally meant "Advanced IBM Unix".

SELinux is Linux designed to essentially disallow all actions unless they
are specifically allowed.

Under Linux, support for remote logging is explained in

$ man syslogd

Under AIX or SELinux, YMMV.  Read the fine manuals.  YANM.

When you have done your homework and your setup does not do what you
want, hope or expect, you may explore what is actually happening by
examining the network traffic with tcpdump or ethereal, which is now
called something else (wireshark, wiresnark? idk.  check it out.)  Do your
homework. Good luck. Your grades are important. YANM.


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I made it work, thanks for your help
responder wrote:
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