Securing VSFTPD

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Just looking for some friendly advice here.

I am a little new to Linux so please don't blast me.

I would like to secure VSFTPD. I have two users that I have created on
my system.  I want to give access to other folks for FTP but not
create accounts for them on the system.

What is the correct way to do this?

I found this link on google:

Is there any problems with what this author is recommending?  I just
want to be sure if I create a user via the VSFTPD program that they
only have access to 1 directory and that is it.  I do not want them
being able to see outside the one assigned directory.

What is the best way to do this?

Thanks a bunch for some help.


Re: Securing VSFTPD

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What the author is recommending doesn't seem too bad, but it doesn't do
what you want.

vsftpd is pretty flexible if you use user_config_dir; also, local_chroot
and anon_chroot are useful. You'll want write_enable=YES,
virtual_use_local_privs=YES, local_chroot=/srv/ftpd/$USER, and possibly
force_local_logins_ssl=YES, force_local_data_ssl=YES in the user
configuration files ($USER_CONFIG_DIR/$USER). [Warning: the latter
option breaks many FTP clients. CoreFTP (Win32) and lftp (*nix) do


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