Secured: yet another stupid Process and Filesystem monitoring tool

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Asslam-u-Alikum and Hi,

Secured is all about automated and filesystem monitoring tool, which
is intended for big servers / dedicated servers where not all the time
administrators lie and can watch for the process execution, and If
somehow by some means any process exit and any filesystem error or it
gets full , the problem with the server begins in this scenario the
security monitoring tools are very helpful indeed, another good point
is that whenever any error/process exit occur it will notify the
administrators/support by means of email / sms if kannel is installed
properly, so it is a very modern tool for security on the servers, It
is very much completed by me , process monitoring, process restart,
emailing , filesystem monitoring, very much things are completed, If
any developer here wish to contribute in this wonderful project,
please notify me on this email address, ( the code
is hosted on google code ( so if any one
interested in giving any suggestions and feedback and wants to make
hands dirty with it please notify me .

Kindest Regards,
Abdul Mateen.

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