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Was hoping some could help/recommend a program like “Hide IP” but for
linux, I'm running Suse. It don't actually need to automatically set the
proxy setting into the browser. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Searching for proxy finder

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This is not about security, but an anonymity topic, so you're in the
wrong newsgroup actually.  That won't answer your question, but when you
use proxies, keep the following in mind.

Proxies do not add much of anonymity.  You cannot know whether they are
logging accesses or not.  Many proxy maintainers claim to not being
logging anything, but mostly that's simply not true -- either because
they do that for the worst case, or because they just don't have any
clue about server administration.  By the way, it's easy for a site to
discover your real network address, because to keep your anonymity, you
would need to disable almost anything and not use graphical browsers at
best.  Even simple HTTP headers or HTML <meta>-tags can be used to
discover your real IP address.

Not only that proxies are no gain in anonymity, they may even completely
eliminate your privacy.  The proxy maintainer is able to reconstruct
everything you have done via HTTP (surfing, maybe reading e-mails).  He
may read your mails, steal your passwords, and so on.

If you're seeking anonymity, don't use proxies or other intermediary
nodes at all.  Use SSL, encrypted VPNs or something similar.


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