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Dear all,

this is what i have read in the book ubuntu linux unleashed,

if you have a desire to severly restrict what a user can do, you can
provide him with a restricted shell. to run a restricted bash shell,
you would use the -r option

ex:- bash -r

then try to do something that you could do as a regular user, such as
ls -a,

you will then see

bash: ls: no such file or directory

now my question is suppose i have my shell restricted, how to make it
back un restricted ?

Re: restricted shell

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You can't. But you can search for a program, which can execute other
programs. If you can't find out the rest, then you don't deserve
unrestricted shell.

Secunia non olet.
Stanislaw Klekot

Re: restricted shell wrote:
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You may also want to consider creating a bash with an AppArmor
profile.  That will allow you to customize what a user can and
cannot do.  AppArmor is not hard to use... but there is a learning

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That's not a "restriction", that's just not having a PATH
properly setup in the restricted shell.

However, you will find a restricted shell to be pretty
primitive...  takes a bit of work to design things to
work in the confines of a restricted shell environment.
Knife cuts both ways... in some ways... I find the
restricted shell to NOT be the answer to anything.

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Exit that shell and executed a non-restricted shell :)

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