Remote access (suse) and fixed IP (needed??)

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I do not yet use remote access to my home system (adsl router and lan
using local fixed IPs on lan PCs, all suse linux).
However, I would be grateful for comments about whether I can arrange
remote access to a chosen PC on the home lan via fairly normal
internet techniques, given strong passwords or procedures, using an
ISP without a fixed IP  for my broadband connection.

The reason is - a local provider has the advantage of its equipment in
the UK BT local exchange, and can offer very low rates for domestic
packages which would probably suit me. But I notice it is non-fixed IP.

I collect mail via pop3 and do not intend to run any web or mail
servers from the home machine/s.
However, (and I am totally ignorant about this), it is just possible
in the future that I would like to try setting up remote access to the
home machine/s from - say- a relatives house.

Is a fixed IP from the isp essential for this, or are there some
options or possibilities?


Re: Remote access (suse) and fixed IP (needed??)

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Re: Remote access (suse) and fixed IP (needed??)

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Smells like NTHell. :)

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It is straightforward to work around it.  Get an account at one
of those dynamic dns places like or
If your router doesn't support ddns, you will need a client
running on a machine at home to update it each time your ip
address changes.

Then forward ssh traffic from the router to a computer on your
lan, and hop from that machine to the others as required.

Feel free to use a non-standard port for ssh, deny root login,
restrict login to specified users or from specified ip addresses
/ ranges, whatever you want really...

Andrew Preater

Re: Remote access (suse) and fixed IP (needed??)

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