Re: udp packets going to nntp server after app closed

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On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article

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Without any details - SPECIFICALLY actual port numbers, which specific
news server, packet details, etc., all speculation is meaningless.
NNTP is a TCP protocol.  Depending on the version of traceroute, it may
be using UDP (most *nix versions) or ICMP (b0rken versions - such as
TRACERT.EXE from microsoft), or even TCP (quite rare).  Was the news
server _originating_ the packets, or replying to something you were
doing.   Note also that UDP is trivial to spoof - so what was in those
packets?  What port on "your" side?  What did '/bin/netstat -anptu'

As for "unreliable" NNTP, what exactly is that supposed to mean?  What
news reader are you using? Pan?   How?  What distribution/release? Are
you using it native, or is some virtual stuff involved? What ELSE is

        Old guy

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