Re: Moving private SSH keys to new machine?

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   Systemwide list of known host keys.  This file should be prepared
   by the system administrator to contain the public host keys of
   all machines in the organization.    This file should be world-
   readable. This file contains public keys, one per line, in the
   following format (fields separated by spaces): system name, pub-
   lic key and optional comment field.  When different names are
   used for the same machine, all such names should be listed, sepa-
   rated by commas.  The format is described on the sshd(8) manual

   The canonical system name (as returned by name servers) is used
   by sshd(8) to verify the client host when logging in; other names
   are needed because ssh does not convert the user-supplied name to
   a canonical name before checking the key, because someone with
   access to the name servers would then be able to fool host

So the server name is part of the key saved by known_hosts, not the
MAC or other hardware specific data. Using the MAC would cause other
problems every time a NIC had to be replaced. I don't know how this
works on clusters or load leveled server groups, as I have never used
any of those.

Bob McConnell

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