Re: Looking for Linux [*] experts to work in India

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Hi spammer

and like most recruiters, you are far to st00pid to think about posting
to a place designated for job postings.   Free clue, l00ser - those
places tend to have the word "job" in the title.   By posting job ads
to a technical news group, you have demonstrated that you are less
useful and less trustworthy than a piece of excrement.  This is also
shown by your multiple posts to the other _technical_ newsgroups:

     Looking for Embedded Systems Software Engineers 23 May 2007 13:47:28 -0700

     Looking for Hardware Engineers to work in India 26 May 2007 04:59:32 -0700

     Looking for Linux Networking Engineers to work in India  25 May 2007 19:06:12 -0700
     Looking for Linux Security experts to work in India  26 May 2007 05:02:14 -0700

     Looking for Linux Setup Engineers to work in India  26 May 2007 05:03:32 -0700

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and the reason you aren't posting in newspapers there is that people in
all of India already know you are someone to be avoided at all costs if
one is not to ruin any chance of employment.

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Notice that this scum also doesn't wish to indicate the name of the
company represented - probably because the company has a reputation as
bad or worse than that of the spammer.  And of course _everyone_ trusts
a spammer using dynamic IP addresses in the New York City metro area to
spam Indian job ads - that's a sure sign of the intelligence of the

        Old guy

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