Re: Disabling screen prints by remote users?

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On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 14:44:57 +0000 (UTC), exquisitus wrote:
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If you can't trust the programmers to not steal your "secrets", then
you can't trust them to write your business software!!  PERIOD.
A programmer can do MANY things to you that are much worse than
just copying some of your precious custom software.

In my experience, clients that are ultra-paranoid and think that
everyone is out to steal their "secrets", usually don't actually have
anything to steal.  Your competitors can hire programmers too, and
develop their own apps.  But if you openly treat the programmers with
suspicion & mistrust, you won't be able to hire (or keep) the best

They won't work under those conditions, because they don't HAVE to.

There is NO magic piece of technology that will give you the power
to control the thoughts & actions of your employees.
That's more in the line of cult religion, than linux security.  

In any case, you aren't asking questions about LINUX security,
and personnel surveillance methods are off-topic here.

Re: Disabling screen prints by remote users?

Julia Thorne wrote:
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If you have non-disclosure agreements with your contractors you should
also make VERY sure that all of the material you provide to them is
marked as "Company Confidential". Talk to your lawyer to make sure your
confidentiality statement is strong. All of your source code and all
documentation that describes the software should have a statement
explaining that this work is "important" to the company and have "great

If your work is marked you have a chance in court. If it isn't you don't
have much if any chance. The simple fact is that if you don't tell
people what is confidential and important to your company how can you
expect them to know this -- even if you have a NDA. The NDA should say
that you will have all important work so marked.

Many of the other replies are very valid too.

Re: Disabling screen prints by remote users?

Barton L. Phillips wrote:

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Thank you for your rational response. This is not a matter of not
trusting a programmer located half way accross the world (they may be in
a legal jurisdiction which to all practical intents and purposes renders
an NDA useless). It is simple business sense. There is no sense (common
or otherwise) in me exposing my fledging business to such risks.

Unfortunately, in my experience - a lot of programmers (coders) have
*absolutely* NO business sense.

I was merely carrying out due diligence regarding a potential threat.
Thank you for all who have replied to this post however (no matter how
colorful the response). My conclusion is that it is probably not worth
proceeding along these lines, since it is financial suicide (not to
mention lunacy) to niavely expect anyone who has signed an NDA to
comply. The problem of enforcement is not so much with native/local
developers, but with developers overseas.

Thanks for your feedback

Re: Disabling screen prints by remote users?

exquisitus wrote:
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One parting comment about NDAs and out-sourcing coding/programming. Your
point is well taken regarding out sourced programming to other
countries. It is very hard to be sure what you are up against. For one
the patent and even Copyright laws differ from country to country, as
well as the countries willingness to enforce any agreements with

I thought your comment about 'programmers (coders) have absolutely no
business sense' was interesting as I have meet/worked-for many managers,
presidents, and CEOs who also had no business sense.

Here is a suggestion that might help. Instead of letting your
out-sourced help look at your source code, provide them with interface
documentation and a description of the work you want done. I know this
is a lot of work but then again it will go a long way towards your
understanding what it is you want and need done. If you give your
programmers a clear API document and a clear specification of the work
you need done you will both preserve your intellectual property (your
source code), you will have a much better chance of getting reasonable
estimates of the cost, and you will be a long way along in your end user

This is a bit of the black box approach used when people back engineer
things. I know that I don't need to see all the code of a project in
order to do a task if I know what and how to call the existing code. In
fact a lot of the time it is better not to see existing code. If you
never see the code you don't have to worry about accidentally breaching

All the things I said about marking documents as "Company Confidential"
still holds with regards to the API and the specification however.

I hope this helps.

Re: Disabling screen prints by remote users?

Barton L. Phillips wrote:

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Very much so Barton, it does help. Infact I have just started doing
something quite similar to waht you suggested, before I read this post.
Once it became obvious that I could not enforce the type of restriction
I wanted.

I am currently putting together an interface backed by a bridge design
pattern that will allow me to achieve this level of security (as you may
have guessed - I am a coder myself)

Many thanks for your help

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