Re: configuring SSH to act as a vpn tunnel

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Christian Bongiorno <"<firtname>"@ wrote:
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  If you can access a remote machine via SSH you can use that to
 forward requests to the proxy server, using OpenSSH's tunnels.

  For example I have a host I can connect to from work, and I simpl

  ssh -L 8080:localhost:8080 username@my.home.gateway

  This forwards all traffic sent to the local machine on port 8080
 to port 8080 on the home gateway which is running squid.

  Once this is done inside your browser you simply set your proxy
 to b localhost:8080 and all will work correctly.

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  You can (google for ppp over ssh) but it's slow and incurs a penalty

  Instead you should simple use SSH's tunnel facilities, which will be
 perfect for your problem.  (And the proxy server doesn't even have to
 run on the host you're SSH'ing to, so long as the two hosts can see
 each other all will be well).

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