Re: configuring SSH to act as a vpn tunnel

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If you're planning to run the proxy server on the remote host just to
forward your connections from work, then don't-- there's a simpler way.  
Set up a "dynamic port forward" in the client invocation, e.g. -D1080.  
This will cause ssh to act as a local SOCKS proxy.  SOCKS packets sent
to localhost:1080 will be forwarded over the encrypted channel to the
ssh server, which will unwrap them, send them out to the net, and
forward replies back through the tunnel to the client.

Now just tell Firefox to use localhost:1080 as a SOCKS server.  Be sure
to specify SOCKS v5, since this will cause DNS queries to be resolved
remotely instead of locally.

Otherwise, if you're planning to have the remote proxy server running
anyway, then you can just do as Dave suggested-- forward
localhost:someport to remotehost:proxyport, and tell Firefox to use
localhost:someport as a proxy server.

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