qmail freezed???

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I have a problem with qmail.

The email queue is always empty. When I send emails to my machine, they
are not received and the queue is still empty.

So qmail don't want neither to receive or to send emails.

I tried also with apache:
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wasn't sent. The qmail log file (/var/log/qmail/current) is always

Please anyone can help me.

Re: qmail freezed???

gandoura_mehdi@yahoo.fr wrote:
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So do I.  Its author declared it done and perfect several years
ago, and stopped maintaining it.  So there is now a collection
of huge patches, maintained (or not) by volunteers, with no
coordination.  Qmail is missing one of the most important
features of free software: organized bug fixing and maintenance.

Qmail-1.03 works well enough, except for not being able
to reject messages to bad addresses at RCPT TO time and
thereby generating a lot of backscatter.  (Not fixed in Netqmail-1.05)
The documentation (manpages plus Dave Sill's great work) is good.
But try to add a milter or SMTP AUTH and you're into a swamp of
unverifiable patches, documented badly if at all.

A mail transport agent is too important/dangerous to be
maintained that way.

(Imagine that the U of I had declared NCSA HTTPd done and perfect,
and the work of the Apache Foundation was a copyright violation.
Forking off the Apache Server, not allowed.  You *could* search
the net for defacto standard patches and install
A Patchy Server, but it would be a mess.  That's Qmail today.)

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Well you could telnet to your port 25 and see if it answers.
If not, you could figure out what's listening to port 25
instead of Qmail.  Perhaps a command like

          lsof -i :25

would tell you.  (Roses and chocolates to the author of lsof
for giving us EXAMPLES in the manpage!  Go Boilermakers!)

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You could run your /var/qmail/bin/sendmail under strace(1)
and see where it dies.  Can you invoke /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject
directly?  If you feed it a message does it make it to the queue?
Are you even using /var/qmail/bin/sendmail?  Or is your
/usr/lib/sendmail a symlink to the Exim or Sendmail that came
with your OS distribution?

BTW, you really shouldn't use PHP's mail() for anything
important.  Use something that lets you set the envelope-sender
so you don't mailbomb your admin when something goes wrong.
PHP's maintainers agree.  mail() is only for sending yourself
diagnostics while you're debugging.  BBSes and weblogs and CMSes
that use mail() in production are *broken*, and probably have
more serious security problems, too.

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My advice is if you do not yet have a working Qmail install,
you are in good shape to choose a mail transfer agent
which is actively maintained.  Postfix might be a good
alternative.  Its authors play well with others, so it
is well maintained.


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