Problem with cron.allow

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I would like to restrict acces to the crontab sytem only for root.
I m working with a debian sarge.
So i have created the /etc/cron.allow file with root inside.
But it seems not to work, because each user can still create cron table.

have i missed something ?


Re: Problem with cron.allow


cron.deny does not exist.
i have found the problem, but i m not sure to understand all the subtleties.

I have set the file permissions on 600 for /etc/cron.allow.
So when a user call the command crontab, the file /etc/cron.allow could not
be read.
By changing to 644, the file /etc/cron.allow works.

But i don't understand how the daemon cron works :
I have 3 questions (sorry )

1) It seems to run under root

ps aux | grep cron
root     13262  0.0  0.0  1764  820 ?        Ss   Jun04   0:00

So why can't it read the /etc/cron.allow with file permission 600.

2) Is there a way to modify the default ebian behavior with cron.
I can understand that if /etc/cron.allow or /etc/cron.deny doesn't exist,
evevybody can use the crontab!
I prefer the policy : if they don't exist, only root can use crontab.
Can we change that ?

3/ What is the group crontab ?

thnaks a lot
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