pptp authentication via LDAP blocking access

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Hi all.

I installed a pptpd for Windows Clients uysing CHAP authentication, and
it was working ok.
But i wanted to change it to a LDAP authentication, and made all the
configs for it at nsswitch.conf, ldap.conf, etc...

I am sending the authentication for a server in Local Network, without
any firewall or anything like that between the two. But now, when I try
to connect to the server, it simply can't effectively connect.. The
WinXP Client simply stays with the login screen showing..

The LDAP User is ok (working with other services), removing the LDAP
authentication the pptp server works fine...

I am kinda stuck on that, and I really need this fast..

Any Ideas on what is happening? Know if it is a LDAP or a PPTPD


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