Ports for NIS?

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    I have a centos 4.4 box I would like to use as my NIS server. How to
setup NIS such that ypserv, ypxfrd, and yppasswd will use fixed ports? I
remember that one of the differences between linux and solaris was that
in linux you could specify the ports for those services.  Am I correct?

Now, here is an even easier question: how to setup the firewall at the
host to pass those ports? I have made it work but simpyl turning the
firewall off but that is really really not what I am looking to do.
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Re: Ports for NIS?

Mauricio Tavares wrote:
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Haven't tried it, but I believe the commands in question can all
take --port <number>

With regards to iptables (not sure what "firewall" you are using)...
I think you need something like:

iptables -I INPUT -i <interface> -p udp --dport <number> --sport \
     <number> -j ACCEPT

(not totally sure about having both dport and sport... not sure
exactly how the connections are done for yp stuff.. replace
<number> and <interface> with the values for your yp port
number and network interface)

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