Platform indepedent IPsec

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I would like know is it possible to implement plaform indepedent
IPsec ?
If yes then pls give me some suggestion how to do it & some related
is it possible to implement IPsec which runs in userspace( not as
kernel module )


Re: Platform indepedent IPsec writes:

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Yes, but you'll need to provide some OS dependent primitives for "a
set of functions" (fromm memory allocation to sending packets to the
net, and including *a lot* of other things), then use some wrapper in
your code (which will call the OS specific code for each supported

While doing this, you'll have a "quite independent" IPSec stack, which
will be easy to port to any OS as soon as you can provide all
primitives for the specified OS.

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I started thinking at such work a long time ago, it is *really* a huge
work, as "just" writing a new IPSec stack from scratch is already an
huge work !

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Yes, but you'll have some performance problems if you need to do some
kernel/userland process foreach IP packet (even unencrypted packets
needs to be confronted to the IPSec policy.....).

But feel free to contact me if you *really* want to start such project !


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