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I have just finished setting up a backup scheme using rsnapshot over
ssh for my server.  However, in order to have access to all the files,
I'm having to do this as root.  For obvious reasons, I don't like have
root login enabled, even if it is protected with a public/private key

I would like to create a backup user to handle this.  One does not
exist on my server at present.  What permissions, group membership,
etc do I need to grant to this user to allow it to read all the
necessary files?  I have seen some examples, too, where the shell for
the user was set to rsync.  Does that work or provide more security?


Re: Permissions for backup user

J Rice wrote:
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For root access, you need to be root. QED.

However, you might consider using SSH tunneling to reach an rsync daemon on
the server, configured to allow read-only, root access, for exactly this
prupose. (I've done this with rsnapshot before, myself).

Keeping an rsync daemon to not go down mounted directories is non-trivial, and
requires advance knowledge of the mountpoints, unlike a direct rsync command.
But it can be done.

Re: Permissions for backup user

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You can set up /etc/sudoers so that the backup user is allowed to
execute the backup script as root but do nothing else as root.

Re: Permissions for backup user

Bill Marcum wrote:
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Thinking further on this, look into using rsync, SSH keys, and
'validate-rsync', as described on numerous web pages.

Re: Permissions for backup user

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EXACTLY what I needed, thanks for pointing the way.  My setup now is:

A backup user that allows access only by SSH keys and only for a
specific command, validate-rsync.
A sudoers file that allows backup to su to rsync without a password.

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