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In the course of the past year, Charlie Savage's writings have been
referenced here several times, primarily as I recall in connection with
what was then called "Warrantless wiretaps" (which is arguably _on_
topic).  In the past months, Attorney General Gonzales has issued some
undocumented statements that suggest that the heretofore illegal spying is
no longer "warrantless".  The General isn't talking much, so nobody is
really sure what to call this issue any longer.  Nonetheless, Charlie has
won a Pulitzer Prize for his Newspaper, the Boston Globe, for his series
on 'presidential signing statements'.  The Boston Globe is an affiliate of
the New York Times, and very much a mainstream media outlet.

There is a background description on the Pulitzer Prize here:


The Pulitzer Prize (pronounced "PULL-it-zer"[1]) is an American award
regarded as the highest national honor in print journalism, literary
achievements, and musical composition. It is administered by the Columbia
University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

boston.com is the web site of the Boston Globe, today carrying the
following link to a video of Charlie being interviewed.  Charlie is 31
years old, and perhaps some might like to see him speak briefly.  He also
has a book coming out.  This is the URL I copy:


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