Open Ports-FW settins

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forgive me...I'm a n0ob,  could you explain how to secure open ports?  SuSE
10.1  --thank you

Re: Open Ports-FW settins

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 10:54:25 -0800, NeckBoneWilly wrote:

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2 things you could do;

1.  Setup a firewall
2.  Turn off the services



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Re: Open Ports-FW settins

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I've also just migrated to Linux from the 'dark side'.  I've tried to set up
these, but seem to have failed miserably.  The rather large manual I have
doesn't seem to help, as I can't find the necessary bits in a form I can
understand!  Are there any websites or publications which are aimed at
'starters' so that the essential bits and pieces are a bit more obvious, and
not swamped by the minutiae of 'how to be a systems expert'?


Re: Open Ports-FW settins

Keith W wrote:

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1.    --
LINUX SERVER HACKS (100 Industrial-Strength tips & Tools)
by Rob Flickenger
Copyright 2003 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.
US $24.95
CAN $38.95

page 91
Iptables Tips & Tricks

2.    --
man chkconfig


Re: Open Ports-FW settins

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007 14:40:53 -0000
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0. A quickie:

1. For a firewall, check, e.g., this:

When I checked firestarter <
last time, it worked quite well for simple configurations and
was very easy to setup.

2. You will probably have to find by yourself how services are
started/stopped in your particular distribution.

3. IMHO, "Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide" by Garrels
is a good starting point for newcommers.  It can be found at



Re: Open Ports-FW settins

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Many thanks for these - they look much more at the level for a 'newbee' like
me - where I even have to confirm much of the jargon, let alone the
technical details!  (If only the different systems used the same language!

It is amazing how different in detail the approaches between Linux and
Windows are.  I have been looking for something like the 'firewall and virus
checker' approach of windows, but this only seems to exist for servers.  My
system is a peer to peer running through a terminal/router, with a separate
firewall and virus checker on each W2000 machine, which seems to be unusual
in linux, where one machine becomes the 'guardian' firewall router for the

Off to wrestle with Samba to be able to use a printer hung on a W2000
machine - can see the discs but nothing else, and won't let me log on to
them yet!

An article which may be of interest to other newbees is 'Window to Linux
Roadmap' (Google will find it) which helps convert to the different culture,
which I think is likely to be more difficult than coping with the


Re: Open Ports-FW settins

On Tue, 27 Feb 2007 20:13:22 -0000
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My pleasure :-)

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You may want to check this recent article exactly on the subject:


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