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Hey folks!

I was wondering how I could secure my machine a bit tighter, maybe you
guy`s can help me out here.
To be more specific, can anyone recommend me a;
  -1- firewall, preferably one with all the ports closed as default so I
can whitelist ports
  -2- rootkit detector
  -3- any (on-line) reading about java vulnerabilities on linux. Google
let me down a bit, or I used the wrong phrases.

Any other tips are as welcome as well of cource :-)

Linux Mint
Realease 7 (Gloria)
Kernel generic
Gnome 2.26.1
AMD Turion 64 Mobile Tech.

In case anyone would ask:Yes I have considered getting my box off-line,
rip out the NIC, shut the power down and bury it two yards down... on
Pluto in a lead 3" thick walled box. But yet I think that will
compromise the luser-friendliness a bit... And I don`t trust NASA, they
have already found my other box on Mars with their frikin little
hacker-rover-bots and got me a rootkit installed... Fuc&*$%$&@.asterds!
Any suggestions?
Thanks in Advance!
City Groningen, The Netherlands

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