Netbooks with DVDs

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Hi all,

The screen on my laptop has died. Its now rather long in the tooth, so
getting it repaired is probably not financially viable.

Rather than go out and buy a new laptop, I am rather tempted by the
range of netbooks available - from the point of view of portability
and battery life. The only caveat is that one of the main uses for
this will be for playing DVDs, and possibly for for viewing digital
TV. This is further complicated by the fact that its predominantly my
young daughter who will be watching DVDs.

I suppose I could buy a USB DVD drive or recommission the old laptop
as a media server - but if I go down the latter route, how do I go
about getting the video from the server to the netbook (without the
overhead of ripping the DVD).

Anybody got any experiences in this kind of setup they'd like to
share? Pointers?



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