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Hi everyone,

  Sorry for the intrusion but I need the groups help. I have a client
in Connecticut who is in desperate need of a Linux Security consultant
for 3-6 months. Immediate interview if interested. Thanks


Re: Need Help

On 26 Apr 2007, in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.linux.misc, in article
Usenet newsgroup, in article wrote:

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Yeah, you're to lacking in capability to use the search engine you're
posting from, but at least smart enough not to disclose your company's
identity. You further display your ineptitude by posting the same
crap in multiple newsgroups.

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Your client need only use a search engine - I see a readily available
document listing well over a dozen consultants in the state. Your client
could also see your lame attempt to find a warm body and realize that
you are quite useless as a recruiter.

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These are technical discussion newsgroups.  These are not jobs groups,
which you can tell by the fact that the newsgroup is missing the word
'jobs' in the title. Actually, the news server I'm reading from does
have three newsgroups with the words 'linux' and 'job' in the title,
but they're useless thanks to clueless head hunters who post fake ads.

        Old guy

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