MSN Messenger proxy ?

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Has anyone come across a MSN and/or AIM IM proxy capable of logging
conversations - particularly OSS/Linux based ?


Re: MSN Messenger proxy ?


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I am guessing you want to do this either:

1) for blackmail material ;)
2) more likely, you work for a company and need to log IM data

Its overkill some might say, however I would roll out your own Jabber[1]
server which supports server side logging, install the MSN transport (so then
you have transparent MSN<->Jabber support) and then you are set.  You get to
pick a 'company approved' client (Psi probably as it seems secure, standard
across platforms and dead easy to use and feature packed) and then off you
go.  Full logging support.  Block MSN at the perimeter firewall (except
to/from the jabber server of course) and you have enforcement.

If you do work for a company you will be happy to know that Jabber<->MSN file
transfers will not work.  You probably will also be interested to hear as
well as MSN transports, there are ICQ, AIM, and others transports available.  
One client, one central logging box and only one protocol to secure :)

Another advantage, company sensitive data stays *inside* your network and
employee to employee chit-chat does not suck up your bandwidth.



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Re: MSN Messenger proxy ?

Alexander Clouter wrote:
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Many thanks - I will give it a try.


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