MI-4n6 Live Forensic CD

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has anybody tested this Forensic Live CD.


I=B4ll be interested in some infos about this CD.


Re: MI-4n6 Live Forensic CD

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Just another 1337 script kiddie crap, which nobody needs.


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Re: MI-4n6 Live Forensic CD

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Thanx for filling up this group with these wise guru words and saved
me from downloading it.

Surely, you haven't even heard of any of the tools on this CD ... and
you do use haxor slang.
I am very impressed!



Re: MI-4n6 Live Forensic CD

h0m6r3@web.de wrote:
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I'm not going to download the disk, but the description on
the web site is of a remastered Knoppix with some extra
tuning and forensics tools.  chkrootkit and rkhunter
might be of interest to 1337 script kiddie haxors, but
people who don't write that way use them too.  Mebbe you
woulda taken it more seriously with its name spelled more
traditionally?  My-Forensics.  When I need tools like that
I want to get them from sources I trust.
Is security.fh-offenburg.de reliable?  Could be, I just
don't know.


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