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I have 4 machines on my side of my router on a DSL pipe. On my local
area network side, I want to be able to remotely log in to my linux
box to do file transfers. Maybe later, to administer the linux box
from another machine on the LAN. For now, I do not want any
external access through my router to my linux box (IE, nothing from
the InterNET). What are the settings that prevent such access to my
linux box from malicious users who manage to hack their way through
my router to the linux box?

I have edited my /etc/ssh/sshd_config file, enabling only the
following 2 lines:
PasswordAuthentication yes
PermitRootLogin no

Does doing what I've done make me more vulnerable in any way to
cyber attack?

The way I understand it, {"PasswordAuthentication yes" allows you to
login with a password instead of requiring an ssh key.     #AND#
"PermitRootLogin no" prevents root from logging in remotely. My reason
for making these mods was to allow remote logins to be performed from
local window$ machines on my LAN - that's all I wanna allow. I was
able to use Putty psftp to ftp some files from window$ machine on LAN
to linux box. I have yet to try pscp from the window$ box. I thought
it necessary to make these mods before it would work. Am I right?
Wrong? In danger???

Re: Logins from the internet...

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 17:12:51 -0500, MLH wrote:

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PasswordAuthentication defaults to yes, thus you could omit that.

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Then just don't forward any port in your router.
(But maybe modify /etc/hosts. to your likings too.)

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Well, i would worry (a hell of a lot) more about the security of your
window$ boxen then the server-settings of the Linux one. Since any virus,
worm or trojan those machines may well be infected with, will be able to
keylog your login, or otherwise lift on connections you initiate from it.


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