LDAP Admin USer Problem

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Now I installed ldap and phpldapAdmin. While the ldap server confugures
I defined a admin password. But now when I navigate to the phpldapAdmin
interface I can log in as anonymous (read only) but I am not able to lg
in as admin (using the defined pw during apt post install congufure

So I tried a lot of temprary things in the sldap.conf - like adding the
rootdn "cn=admin,dc=localdomain"
#rootpw "Ijz7kdm9FPwVzpPrF+WBU6VftG8rAYWN"
rootpw "secret"

access to * by anonymous write
access to * by * write

After all, no success!

How can I log in as admin?


Christian Maier

Re: LDAP Admin USer Problem

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This way you defined a password as "secret" WITH the " included.
Did you restarted slapd after changing the config file?


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