jumpstarting economies by porting to open source --- just like Y2K problem and SAP

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suppose there are 2 vendors

say I, let us say INFOSYS and T, let us say TCS (Tata Consultancy

Both sell a banking package but TCS is not doing well (hypothetical).

Now, when SAP CAME every body ported to SAP and made tonnes of money
and kick-started the problem.

Do you know SAP at the core (CHECK SAPSCRIPT DEBUGGING) is nothing but
correspondong to some old ibm software.

Now, when you port all the huge software packages --- you make tonnes
of money and the economy is kick-started.

So all the programmers make money porting to open source.

You are re-making the Information highway, and jump starting all the
economies all over the world
So in the name of security, u jumpstart all the economies all over the
world of information sector and port all the huge financial and other
packages to open source.

Both the old programmers of the complex packages are busy teaching the
new programmers of the open source packages and huge porting takes

lots of money for those who go open source first.

and yes my KDE 4.0 desktop has a bug in it ------------- when I
shutdown and restart it always requires me to fix the XSERVER FIRST.


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