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I would like to know if it is wright to disable javascript and java in
browsers (in Linux box) for security reasons or if it is useless.
Thank you

Re: javascript in browser

jean-luc wrote:

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Both java and javascript (vulnerabilities) have been used frequently in
the past for exploits, and turning them off is a safe and useful method of
preventing such attacks.  That also turns off much fancy functionality on
many sites, that many people want to have.  Immediate workarounds for many
new exploits are exactly to disable both.

Java is very powerful and used (I think) on relatively fewer sites, while
javascript is quite frequently used on many sites for many simple things
such as drop-down menus on upward.

I disable java by default, and only enable it for "trusted"
sites for specific reasons.  I allow javascript for more sites, most only
on a temporary basis.  In Firefox, I control java with the
"Edit-preferences-content", while I use the "NoScript" extension for
convenience in controlling javascript.

Re: javascript in browser

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I disable Java by default, and use NoScript to limit Javascript
execution. NoScript has revealed that a large proportion of web
sites ask my browser to run a large number of scripts from a
large number of places I've never heard of.

I recently moved my credit-card activity to a company that
I selected primarily on the basis of their web site's working
well with a security-conscious browser. It's appalling how
many financial sites needlessly malfunction unless your browser
is in stark-naked, don't-care-about-security mode.

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